About Us


   With technical innovations in the field of medicine, the needs for
medical instruments have become diversified. As a result of
accelaration and globalization of technical innovations, the environments of the medical research
and development are no more within one's boarders especially after
entering the 21st century.
   Our company was born to meet the needs of medical doctors
all over the world. We promiss to do our best in developing faster, finer
and better products which reflect the technical innovations of the era.
   By developing medical tools and supplying machinery and materials
used for research, we hope that medicals doctors make the best use of
our products in their research.
   Thank you for your time and interest in EMI Factory (Inc.).
We will be glad to hear from you soon.

Address 2794-1 Miyota Miyotamachi, Kitasakugun,Nagano, Japan
Postal Code 389-0206
Telephone +81-267-32-8556
Fax +81-267-31-6003
Foundation October, 2006
Capital 20,000,000 YEN
Representative Directo Noriaki Emi
Fields of business
  • (1)Manufacture and sales of medical instruments
  • (2)Research and development of medical instruments
  • (3)Entrusted business
Authorization from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan
  • (1)Authorization for manufacturing and selling
  • medical instruments
  • (Authorization number: 20B3X10002)
  • (2)Authorization for manufacturing medical instruments
  • (Authorization number: 20BZ200027)

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About Quality and Safety Control  (GQP, GVP)

   We are authorized by Ministry in Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan.
To be more specific, we obtained the authorization from Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare to manufacture and sell medical instruments.
   From manufacturing to selling, we operatecontinuously based on
GQP and GVP since we are fully aware of quality and safety control.

  •    GQP: Good Quality Practice (Standards for quality control)
  •    GVP: Good Vigilance Practice (Standards for safety control)

About Cutomer Support

  We are always ready to support our customers based on GQP and GVP.
What is more, since we operate continuously from manufacturing to selling.
we can improve our products as soon as we get feedback from our customers.

About Joint Research and Development

  We are eager to take part in the joint research and development
of various medical fields. We hope to develop more and more medical
instruments as a result of joint research and development.

About Made-To-Order Products

  Of Course, surgery instruments are used by each doctor' hand.
We are willing to manufacture made-to-order productsby considering
the best size and usage for each doctor.

Social Contribution

  To solve the problems which confront medical doctors and researchers,
we propose university hospitals to introduce medical instruments.
  Along with proposition, we will try to collect information through our
daily busines and find out the ideas and needs of medical doctors and nurses.
Our final goal is to realize the ideas and the needs for the better
working condition.
  Listening carefully to the voices of doctors and nurses, we believe
that the research and development section of our company can lead to
the historic invention of the new medical instruments.